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    hp-lto-5-image-3You will discover that info storage is critical if you’re to grow the company and keep customer confidence, if you own a company. Loss of information may result in loss of company which subsequently results in a decline in sales. Hence it is vital that you identify a storage medium which is acceptable for one that will keep your advice safely economically and your needs.

    Some of the most productive data backup procedures is the cassette technology which offers a high capacity of data storage at a low cost to you. The HP LTO 5 cassettes are an alternative you could contemplate for storage of considerable amounts of information.

    What’s LTO

    Linear Tape Open (LTO) describes a cassette technology that uses an open format and is used for storage of info. The technology was devised by HP (Hewlett-Packard), IBM (International Business Machines) and Seagate Technologies. By getting Seagate quantum after arrived on board and these three organizations are accountable for the continuous progress of the technology.

    As a way to update the technology from generation to generation, the inventors focused on various problems. They worked on the substances which were used to make the cassette and on the procedures which were used to compress and encode information. Additionally they focused on improving the speed of the cassette as it moved through the drive and on the measurement of the cassette.

    LTO 5

    hp-lto-5-image-4Was introduced in 2010 and has the data encryption ability that safeguards your info. HP LTO 5 cassettes have the partitioning component which files and offers better direction of space. Partitioning is where one piece of the cassette stores another part indexes the files and the file and can so immediately direct the drive to where a file is saved.

    HP LTO 5 cassettes have a storage capacity of 15 TB for info that’s not compressed and a storage capacity of 3 TB for compressed information. The speed of transport for information that’s not compressed is 140 MB/s while it’s 280 MB/s for information that is certainly compressed.


    All linear tape open products are not incompatible with both generations and both preceding generations. For instance, the HP LTO can read LTO 3 cassettes and 5 drives can read and write to LTO 4 cassettes. LTO 7 drives can drives and read HP LTO 5 cassettes written and can be read to by LTO 6.

    There are sellers who license the LTO technology to ensure that products from different manufacturers are not incompatible. These sellers go through third party verification tests to assess for conformity, and this really is done per annum. Any products which are compliant with the LTO Ultrium format have logos on tape drives and their data cartridges.


    You can find many reasons why you should think about using the cassette technology on your data storage needs. The HP LTO 5 cassette has a capacity that is high and you can readily save huge amounts of info. The cassette is mobile and you are able to transport considerable amounts of info into a safe place for storage. Cassette additionally uses power that is small and is consequently energy efficient.

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