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    You will with time detect that you’ve various kinds of information that might want different types of storage media when you’re running a company. Ordinarily, you have files that you need in the everyday running of your business. These are the files that demand fast access and these are normally saved in disks. Some info can also be stored for the short term and this is information that’s ninety days old or less. You’ll typically have to access certain files once every so often from this storage which may also be stored in disks. Nevertheless, your long term data storage needs an efficient, risk-free and low-cost media and the HP LTO 5 will provide you with that alternative.

    LTO 5

    LTO 5 describes the fifth generation of the linear tape technology that is open. This technology was created collectively by three organizations specifically Hewlett Packard (HP), International Business Machines (IBM) and Seagate Technology, which was afterwards obtained by Quantum. The technology has an open format which makes it possible for products coming from different manufacturers to not be incompatible with each other. This gives users a wide variety of LTO products to choose from.

    The fifth generation of LTO or LTO 5 was introduced after generation one to four, into the market in the year 2010. With it, progress with regard to the substance in technology each generation brought the tape is made from. Other improvements are on the procedures which are used for encoding and compressing data digitally and the speed used by the cassette to go through the drive. The density of info bits found on the period of tape per cartridge and each cassette were all earmarked for betterment.


    HP LTO 5

    The HP LTO 5 cassettes have a storage capacity of 15 TB for data that’s not compressed and a storage capacity of 3 TB for data that’s compressed. The rate of data transfer for uncompressed data is 140 MB/s while the speed of transfer of data that’s compressed is 280 MB/s. HP LTO 5 tapes have the partitioning capability, where one part holds the file and another component directs the drive concerning where a file continues to be saved. Partitioning is important in allowing better management of space and control of files on the tape through the linear tape file system (LTFS).

    HP LTO 5 tapes also provide the write once – read much (WORM) capability, and have both backward and forward compatibility. Backward compatibility means that HP LTO 5 drives can read and write LTO 4 tapes and may also read LTO 3 cassettes. LTO 7 drives can means that LTO 5 tapes can be read and written to by LTO 6 drives and read forward compatibility.


    HP LTO 5 products are subjected to various evaluation procedures including load/ unload, drop testing, shoeshine, and external pressure testing. These evaluations are not inferior to the evaluations that are needed to comply with the LTO Ultrium logo. What this means is that one can rely on the products to restore your information when needed. HP LTO 5 cartridges have archival life guarantee of up to 30 years or 260 full back-ups. You are going to, therefore, manage to satisfy with data retention requirements and your archival.

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